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Camp Unbeatables. A Multi-Sports, life Skills training and educational camp program

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From a very young age, I worked in Venezuela, my country of origin, in the world of sports camps for children. Due to the critical situation of the country, I decided to emigrate to the United States to pursue a safer and a better quality of life.

Camp Unbeatables. A Multi-Sports, life Skills training and educational camp program

With my degree in Psychology, I came to the US where I obtained my Masters Degree in Family Therapy as well as different  certifications in the field of human’s behavior. Upon graduation, I began my private practice as a psychologist, life coach, and clinical hypnotherapist, and it was at that moment when I realized the growing need to create extensive programs that equip children and their families with effective tools that will help them cope with all the challenges that modern life imposes. Then, I decided to leave my  practice to dedicate myself to creating programs for children that combine the physical and sports aspects of camps with a professional  and unique system of social and emotional learning, also known as life skills. So, what better way to broadcast these programs than to offer them during the more than 600 free hours that children have during the year in their school breaks?

I spent a full year researching how kids learn these life skills faster and more effectively and how to apply them to camp programs, and  it was then when the concept of Camp Unbeatables emerged. I started by doing a pilot test in a camp with 25 children in the  condominium where I used to live, basically with the kids of my friends. And, without having to say much more, 15 years later, we have worked with more than 10,000 children in South Florida.

“Building unBeataBle kids, families and futures”

Through a unique blend of the virtual and real worlds, a powerful reinforcement and motivation system, and a robust program of physical activities and sports, the children who attend Camp Unbeatables learn how to be happier and more successful in life, in a fun  and entertaining way.

As a main part of our virtual-real program, we have created a group of animated superheroes (The Unbeatables), whose “super powers” lie in the fact that they have “the formula” to be successful and happy in life. This formula is passed on to the children who attend our programs through virtual presentations on a comprehensive array of topics such as: fitness, nutrition, wellness, social skills, family improvement, school success, basics in finances, earth conservation, career exploration, inner emotional balance, among others.

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