Preparing for Camp

Here is our advice for giving your child the best opportunity for a positive week.

Preparing your child for camp

While we all understand the incredible personal and life long benefits of a camp experience, we at Camp Unbeatables also recognize that sometimes both parents and campers are quite anxious in preparing for their week. Here is our advice for giving your child the best opportunity for a positive week.

Create positive expectations

  • Involve your child in the decision to go to camp. Tell them why you think they will enjoy it and let them tell you what they are looking forward to.
  • Share your own experiences and memories of attending camp.
  • Have your child talk with other children about their experiences and memories at Camp Unbeatables or other summer camps.
  • Browse through our photo gallery and let your child see what camp will be like.

Follow up during and after camp

  • Don't tell them how much you miss them and what they are missing, but focus on their experiences, how much fun they must be having and whether they've tried certain activities. You can even encourage them to try specific activities and let them know that you want to hear all about it when they get home.
  • Don't rush your child away from camp when you pick them up. Take time to hear their stories, let them show you some of the places that were important to them, and have them introduce you to some of their favorite people.
  • Ask them questions about the fun times they had, the highlights of their day/week, their favorite games, their achievements, and life at camp. Show enthusiasm for what they experienced and express how happy you are that they had such a great time. It's the first step in preparing them for camp next year!